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NACA Event Policies

We request all participants of NACA events to be familiar with these policies

NACA strongly believes that everyone in our events has the right to a professional, welcoming, and safe environment. We, therefore, advocate for a positive culture of inclusion and respect for the dignity of each individual. NACA does not tolerate discrimination or any form of harrasement, including but not limited to sexual harrasment

NACA uses images, photos, videos, or other resources captured during NACA events to promote organizational activities as well as members' professional development. When you register to attend, you waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, audio, or video recording taken by NACA or the person/entity designated to do so by NACA, and also release NACA and its associates from any liability connected with the documentation (e.g., photo, audio, video capturing) or publication and use of those photographs, images, and/or video.

Registration fee for absentees without pre-notification will not be refunded. Those with pre-notification a week before the scheduled presentation will be issued a refund after subtracting non-refundable credit card processing fee (3%). Virtual registrations are non-refundable.

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