Nepali Academics in America

Why did we start?

A growing number (over 500, by some estimate) of Nepali academics hold key academic, research, and administrative positions at various higher education and research institutions in the United States. Their fields of expertise are diverse covering humanities and social sciences to natural sciences, medicine, and engineering. Their research outputs and professional activities have made significant contributions to our understanding and practice across many areas. Many have also built and maintained strong ties with Nepali scholars in the United States as well as those from academic institutions and professional communities in Nepal.

These efforts, however, are mostly limited at the individual level, justifying the need for a network that provides a collective voice and allows intellectual synergy and professional growth. Through a dedicated and collaborative network, NACA aims to harness the intellectual capital of this diverse group and make a meaningful contribution to the personal and professional growth and well-being of Nepalis globally.


What makes NACA unique?

NACA is an independent, professional and non-partisan network. It was initially established to enhance collaboration among Nepali diaspora academics and scholars affiliated with higher education and research institutions based in the United States of America.

As an independent professional network, its goal is to build a community that helps promote the professional growth, interests, and well-being of its members through exchange of ideas, challenges, experiences, and solutions. It also helps foster research and educational collaboration within as well as outside of NACA for productive and impactful initiatives on education, research, and service including in Nepal.

Nepali Academics in America (NACA)

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