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Air Travel

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

*Please note the costs listed below are estimates and rates may change at any time without notice.

The PHX airport is located in the southside of the City of Phoenix, and it is by far the closest airport to Arizona State University's Tempe Campus (about 4.5 miles). The trip from the PHX airport to ASU Tempe campus takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the traffic. The PHX airport is connected by several transport options (e.g., rental car, light rail, bus, shuttles, and rideshare firms like Uber and Lyft). Some hotels do provide shuttle service to and from the airport--check with your hotel to confirm this.

Light Rail: If you consider this option, the light rail can take you from PHX to ASU Tempe campus in less than $3. Purchase tickets online or from a vending machine at the station before boarding. Once you arrive at Phoenix International Airport, look for the free shuttles that take you from your terminal to the light rail station. Please keep in mind that light rail is run by the Valley Metro which also offers bus services.

SuperShuttle (from and to the airport): The cost of the ride depends on whether or not there are stops-in-between. If you decide to head to Tempe area alone, it will cost you about $43. However, if you share your ride with others, you would only pay $13. Therefore, it is highly recommended to share the ride with other passengers heading to Tempe area.

Uber: Typical Uber ride to ASU campus usually costs about $12.

Hotel Accommodations

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