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Choose Your Format: Onsite or Online

Should you register for in-person or virtual session? Here is what to expect:

  1. Onsite (or in-person) Experience: You will have access to both in-person and virtual sessions (papers, panels, roundtables) --your choice. You also get to watch the recordings of plenary and virtual sessions for 90 days. Perhaps the best part of the in-person experience is the opportunity to interact directly with our plenary and session speakers, along with other in-person network opportunities. Those attending in-person also have the opportunity to an optional field trip to the Grand Canyon (separate fees apply)
  2. Online (virtual) Experience: You will be able to present in a virtual session (paper, panel or roundtable), and will have access to all virtual sessions (recordings available for 90 days) and a few streamed plenary sessions. Please know that we will not be able to stream in-person sessions, mainly for technical reasons. This option is, nevertheless, definitely more affordable and may actually be more preferable for those with limited budget and those who are not able or willing to travel. We will provide virtual networking break times
Let's know your preference

Submission of Proposals/Abstracts

This conference has a hybrid format, and we are seeking proposals for both in-person and online (virtual) presentations/papers. All the online (virtual) sessions will be organized in the morning of April 14 or 15, followed by the in-person sessions. Indicate your format preference during the submission process and get registered properly as instructed. Presentations in the virtual (online) format must be pre-recorded (and properly uploaded) before the deadline to minimize technical difficulties.

All abstracts must be received no later than 11:59pm (EST) December 19, 2022.

Choose ONE of the submission links at a time. We request that each participant submits their own abstract for the panel proposal and individual (contributed) papers. For the roundtables, the organizer(s) must submit an abstract with the names and affiliation info the discussants, but the discussants do not have to submit their abstracts. 

Submission Format

The NACA requests that each participant submits their own abstract in no more than 250 words. This will help us avoid any errors in developing the program schedule. If your proposal/abstract is part of a panel, be sure to list the title of the panel and the name of organizer.

Panel proposal

This is the most common form of NACA conference presentations, which is organized around a common theme or topic. Each panel session will be 90 minutes in length and will typically have about 4-5 individual presenters, allowing 15 minutes for each individual presentation and 15-30 minutes for introductions, commentary for a discussant, and questions/answers.

The organizer must submit a session proposal/abstract (250 words limit) with the list of participants with their titles, affiliations, and five-keywords. The organizer will be responsible to make sure each presenter also submits their individual abstracts and is properly registered for the conference. Feel free to propose a discussant, which counts toward the limit of 5 presentation slots in each session.

Individual papers

We recognize that some presentations may not have a specific panel or wish to be considered in a session with multidisciplinary scope. So, we welcome individually volunteered papers or presentations appropriate for this conference. Submit an abstract (250 words limit) with full name, affiliation, and five key-words. The Program Committee will group the accepted individual presentations/papers together to form panels and will assign a session title and a chair for each of those sessions.

Roundtable discussions

We encourage colleagues to consider organizing roundtables to discuss issues related to the conference theme. These roundtables will have the same 90 minutes length as the presentation/paper panels, and each is expected to feature 3-5 scholars to have more lively and engaging discussions among the discussants and with the audience. The organizer must submit a title and a proposal/abstract (250 words limit) with the names of all discussants and their affiliations and emails. The panelists must be registered but do not have to submit separate abstracts. Roundtables can be either in in-person or online format.

Contact the conference organizing committee with any questions and concerns

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